Payment processs

Step 1: member login

Step 2: select the item that you wanted to buy and click "add to cart"

Step 3: Click shopping cart to checkout

Step 4: Please click“update cart”to confirm the purchased goods and quantity, and then click "Go checkout"

Step 5: Please fill in all the personal information correctly.then press “NEXT”

Step 6: Transferring to the payment page. Please wait patiently

Step 7: Successfully transferred to the payment page. Please select the payment method

Step 8:Please fill in your credit card information correctly and submit

Step 9: Payment successful, please press "continue" to return to the Timecigar page

Step 10: Timecigar will send an order notification to your email address after placing the order.

After the payment is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email.

If you choose to use UnionPay credit card, you must active the online banking in order to process an online payment.For detail, please contact your card provider.